The First Play-And-Earn NFT Game
with a Sustainable Economy
The Blue Kraken Online in-game economy is based on real rewards. All income is redistributed to
players, token holders and charity.
A Special Economy Pixel
Play-And-Earn MMORPG.

Our blockchain game features its own crypto token earned by playing. It can be used to upgrade equipment or be traded on the open market.

In most existing web3 games, token rewards are often minted or given out from a treasury without the backup of real money, leading to unsustainable and inflationary economies.

We solve this problem.
Fight - Loot - Craft - Dance!

Money raised from the $BKO governance token sale goes to a foundation that is an independent entity. The foundation fuels the in-game economy by buying $BF and $BKO tokens and uses them for crafting.
Revenue given out as in-game rewards and staking rewards is generated and backed by real expenditure.
The crafting system, as well as sales of in-game content, creates revenue.

All in-game tokens have real value and are never minted out of thin air.

50% of the total supply of $BF in-game tokens are sold in a public sale and the other remaining 50% are locked as liquidity on DEXs. No further $BF tokens are going to be minted, ever.

External influx by a Swiss foundation
100% of all revenue is split among players (89%), $BKO stakers (10%), and charity (1%)
$BF in-game reward tokens are in public hands
Our Solution for Economic Sustainability
Established Play-To-Earn game economies often become very unstable due to an uncontrolled token distribution. This leads to inflation.

Our dual-token ecosystem, with $BKO for governance and $BF as the in-game token, is designed from scratch for maximal sustainability with a paradigm shifting composition of the following aspects.
The price floor (downside limit) is created by allocating 100% of the raised funds from the $BF token sale to a swap pool. Obviously, the price upside is not limited.

We use Uniswap V3 mechanics and concentrate the funds around the final price of the token auction (public sale).

$BKO team tokens are locked from trading with a high vesting cliff (48+ months). After that, they unvest linearly over 20 months.

The $BKO tokens owned by the game development company are locked forever from any trading.
Backing $BF with a price floor is feasible since Uniswap V3
The $BKO team tokens are locked for years. We are here to stay.

The Foundation - it is burning

We are setting up a foundation in Crypto Valley, the city of Zug in Switzerland. The purpose of the foundation is to keep the project healthy and increase its sustainability. The foundation will be funded with capital raised in the $BKO token sales. The foundation will invest its funds into DeFi/CeFi, Bitcoin, Ether and other low risk strategies. Earnings from that will be used directly to enhance and fuel the project's economy, mainly by buying $BF and $BKO on the open market, with the purpose to use them for crafting.

100% of the $BKO tokens used in crafting are burned and 100% of the $BF tokens used in crafting will go back to players, stakers and charity. The items the foundation acquires by crafting will be given out as prizes to players participating in game events (contests).

Heavy Burn: After 4 years the foundation is authorized to spend certain amounts of its base capital to buy and burn higher amounts of $BKO. This compensates for any eventual imbalance between active players and available tokens.

About the game
Open World
Go wherever you want. Follow the story questline - or find your very own path!
Combat & Peace
Fight monsters in action-based (not turn-based!!) combats and level up fighting capabilities or increase the skills in peaceful professions (e.g. dancing). Players are rewarded with $BF tokens for performing these actions.
Novel character classes to choose from
Get $BF and other loot from combat & peace activities. $BF is used to craft more powerful equipment for your character or to upgrade existing gear.
A lot of loot and crafting
Swine-O-Taur, Wolfpack, Timetraveler, Bondage Beard - to name a few. Definitely not the common RPG Warrior/Ranger/Mage triforce.
Main Tokens and NFT Utilities
Our tokens and NFTs have a discrete utility to incentivize players to buy and hold them.
  • $BKO Token Utility

    • Governance

    $BKO holders can vote regularly which new in-game features should be implemented next.

    To name a few: new character classes, balancing, continents, biomes, monsters, and character skins.

    • In-game crafting

    $BKO tokens can be used to increase the success rate when crafting in-game items.

    • Staking rewards

    $BKO staked in game-validator Nodes rewards $BF.

  • $BF Token Utility

    • Reward

    $BF is used as a reward given to players for slaying monsters or pursuing various peaceful professions.

    • Crafting

    $BF can be used in the game's massive on-chain-crafting system to craft for the most valuable and rarest items.

    • Buy in-game objects

    $BF can be spent directly to acquire items of certain categories, e.g. skins and pets.

  • NFT Utility

    • Game Access NFTs

    Define the starting levels for peaceful professions and provide additional perks (e.g. alpha access, mount, higher income, and many more.).

    • Guild NFTs

    Let guilds conquer areas of the gameworld and build an upgradable fortress on designated guild land. $BF rewards of guild members are shared with the guild's treasury.

    • Character NFTs

    Players can mint any of their experienced combat characters as NFTs to sell them on common marketplaces.


Blue Kraken Online will operate

a dual-token economy.

$BKO is the governance token of the game.

Contrarily to the short vesting cliffs for the Pre-Seed to Public rounds, the team's tokens will have a high vesting cliff of 4 years. After that period, the tokens are released slowly over several months. The length of the lock period for the team is very high, because we want to underline our immense commitment to our ecosystem.
Note: read more about unlocks in the Whitepaper!

Additionally, most of the funds raised in $BKO investment rounds will go to the project's foundation. The foundation is going to support the game's economic health and increase the amount of $BF tokens earnable by players as well as buy and burn $BKO tokens from the open market. $BKO is burned whenever players use them in crafting as well.

$BF (Blue Fuel) is the in-game token.

50% of the token supply will be sold to the public in an auction. The remaining 50% will be supplied as liquidity on DEXs, e.g. Uniswap and others, starting at the final price of the public auction. $BF tokens will not be pre-sold or pre-allocated to anyone.

The sale is planned as a public token auction with a price discovery. 100% of the funds raised in the auction are allocated as liquidity on decentralized exchanges and especially in swap pools with concentrated liquidity mechanics (Uniswap V3), concentrated around the final price of the token auction.

Thereby a price floor (price stop to the downside) for $BF is created at which all tokens from public sale could be sold back to the liquidity pool.

Phase 0
Q4 2022
Phase 0
Q4 2022
  • Initial development (game, tokenomics, ecosystem)
  • Setting up team and company
Phase 1
Q4 2022
Phase 1
Q4 2022
  • Closed $BKO Pre-Seed round (round 1)
Phase 2
Q1 2023
Q3 2023
Phase 2
Q1 2023
Q3 2023
  • $BKL launch + Loyalty Program launch
  • Closing $BKO Seed-round (round 2)
  • Setting up the foundation
Phase 3
Q4 2023
Phase 3
Q4 2023
  • Closing $BKO Private-Sale (round 3)
Phase 4
Q1 2024
Q2 2024
Phase 4
Q1 2024
Q2 2024
  • Gen0 NFT Sale + NFT breeding
  • $BKO public sale + TGE
  • $BF public sale + TGE
  • Onchain Crafting launch
  • Gamelaunch
Phase 5
Q3 2024
Phase 5
Q3 2024
  • Eternal development of additional game content (Phase 5 never stops)
Core Team
  • Nicolas Herbert Wind
    Co-Founder & CEO & Lead Developer (Game + Contracts + Nodes/Chain)
    • studied mathematics
    • 22 years of dev experience, including ~10 years as head of development
    • 31 years gaming experience, including 22 years play2earn experience in the non-crypto gaming space + analysis & reverse engineering
    • 2x project team lead
    • 3x head of development
    • 3x CEO
  • Lara Wind
    Co-Founder & GameArt & Developer
    • studied mathematics
    • 9 years experience project lead
    • concept art & design
    • heavy load of gaming xp
  • Markus Hirschmeier
    Co-Founder & Design & Marketing
    • university certified designer
    • CEO of media agency (Hirschmeier Media) for 17 years, with 15 people behind it
    • 17 years experience in design projects
  • Christian Witte
    Co-Founder & Investor Relations & Sales
    • studied business informatics
    • 17 years experience in sales
    • 17 years experience in marketing
    • founded multiple companies
  • Engin Yildirim
    Developer (Character animations)
    • BKO's first own bachelor
    • bachelor thesis: Integration of 2d rendered 3d characters into Blue Kraken Online
    • 3 years animation experience
    • heavy load of gaming xp
  • Benjamin Bittner
    Developer (Nodes/Chain + Game)
    • 22 years of experience
    • freelancer experience: ~100 projects
    • including 10 large scale projects
    • heavy load of gaming xp
  • Jules C.H. Schwulst
    Developer (Game)
    • studied mathematics
    • 5.5 years of dev experience
    • additional team lead experience (financial software)
    • heavy load of gaming xp
  • Alexander Hummel
    DeFi + Trading Specialist & Risk Manager
    • 23 years experience in the financial markets
    • 12 years experience in risk management & high frequency trading
    • owner of a large scale FX trading platform
    • owner of a risk management software development company
  • Daniel de Juan de los Santos
    New Business, Consulting, Investor Relations
    • 25 years experience as entrepreneur (marketing & media)
    • 12 years experience as coach and business advisor
    • 6 years experience in M&A (in partnership more than 50 deals closed)
    • active in more than 3.000 pitches (national and multinational companies)
  • Tim Loosen
    Blockchain Project Management and Business Development
    • investor relations
    • networking & marketing
    • project management
    • business development
    • 25 year gaming experience
    • partnership relations
  • Zlatko Stjepanović
    Blockchain Project Manager and Business Development Specialist:
    • investor relations
    • technology and ecosystem mechanics
    • blockchain expert
    • project management
    • business development
    • gaming expert
  • Houssin Boulahfa
    Advisor technology
    • Co-Founder of Crypto Bull and Bear Group©
    • Blockchain development
    • Security
    • Web3 Infrastructure
    • NFTs
  • Vijay Pravin
    Advisor Investor Relations and NFT Strategies
    • Founder & CEO of bitsCrunch
    • Backed by Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Brands, Chainlink, Polygon
    • Expert for analytics and forensics in the NFT space
    • Winner of the Blockchance Awards 2023
    • Previously worked for Volkswagen & Siemens in Germany
  • Frank Holz Prof. Game Consultancy
    Advisor Game Development
    • Founder IEM Consulting
    • Gaming expert
    • Former Atari Marketing Director
    • Managing Partner GAWOONI MetaLabs
  • Michael Lampel
    Advisor Marketing and Business Development
    • MBA Marketing and Human Resources
    • Head of commercial customer service AOL
    • Development Pay for Games at Bertelsmann
    • Sales Director DELL
    • Marketing Director DACH eToro
    • Country Manager for various iGaming providers (888, Pokerstars etc)
    • Former professional poker player
  • Cédric Schmid
    Advisor Tax, Finance and Structuring
    • External CFO, Board Member and/or Advisor of several Blockchain-/Crypto Projects
    • Founder Unita Finance & Fiduciary Ltd, Zug (Switzerland)
    • Founder of 67’s Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club, Zug (Switzerland)
    • Member of Crypto Valley Association, Zug (Switzerland)
    • President of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in the Canton Zug
  • Jürgen Kob
    Advisor Asset Management, Business Development, Compliance, Company Formation
    • Strategic Consultant with 33 years of experience in financial industry
    • External CCO, Board Member or Advisor of several Blockchain-/Crypto Projects
    • Member of Crypto Valley Association, Bitcoin Association, FinTech Circle London and Deutscher Fachjournalisten Verband (DFJV)
    • Certified Crypto Finance Expert Zurich (CCFE)
    • Expert - Crypto Valley Labs Zug
  • Levent Tagay
    Advisor Investor Relations and Community Management
    • Co-Founder of Crypto Bull and Bear Group©
    • Networking & Marketing
    • Project management
    • Economy
    • Fundraising
Top Partners & Collaborators
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