Blue Kraken Online: The First Play-And-Earn NFT Game with a Sustainable Economy

BKO's in-game economy is based on real rewards. All income is redistributed to
players, token holders and charity.

This raise is exclusively supported by

Can a raise under the actual market conditions be done with the strength of the community?

Let's give it a try!

With this raise we offer the chance to catch a worm very very early, as it is for our second raising round, the Seed-round.

How to participate
Read details below
Via the menu you find additional information on our mainpage
Do KYC here. KYC is going to be processed via Fractal.

After successfully KYCed send USDT to 0x8F395a93EFbF25F65A24ABef951C699d6D695477

on ETH or BSC. Min-Buyin 100$.

According to roadmap the $BKO Token Generation Event (TGE) happens in about early 2024.

Advantages of $BKO tokens

  • Staking rewards

    • After TGE $BKO can be staked into game-validator nodes to generate $BF tokens as staking rewards.
    • 10% of the protocol‘s revenue is going to be spend on game-validator nodes.
    • Interesting: $BKO tokens that have not yet been unlocked due to vesting can be used for staking already even while still being locked.
  • Buy pressure

    • By players
    • By the foundation
    • By speculators
  • Deflation

    • Players burn $BKO to quicker craft better items
    • Foundation burns all $BKO it buys to quicker craft better items
  • Team conviction

    • To underline our conviction $BKO tokens for teammembers are locked for 4 years after TGE.
  • Company conviction

    • $BKO tokens for the development company are locked forever. They can only be used in staking to long term finance the development.
  • Voting

    • $BKO tokens can be used to vote on further development decisions
Raise Info
  • Minimal buy-in
    100$ payable in USDT on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain
  • KYC
    KYC neccessary, see country restrictions
  • Community Bonus 1
    Everyone who invests 100$+ in this community raise gets 10,000,000 Loyalty points when the Loyalty shop leaves its teststage. With the Loyalty points useful NFTs for the game can be bought.
  • Community Bonus 2
    Everyone who invests 10.000$+ is going to get a free Gen0 Game Access NFT per $10k investment into $BKO after the Gen0 Sale happened. With these NFTs, among other advantages, owners can mint Gen1 Game Access NFTs, earn a bit more in-game tokens while playing, get additional bonus levels for peaceful professions like gardening, cooking, etc.
    Gen0 NFTs can be rented to other players and guilds.
  • Round Cap by Time
    This raise stays open until including the 21. June 2023. First come, first served.
    Edit: Timeframe has been extended due to bad market conditions.
  • Round Cap by Allocation
    In the unlikely event that we raise more money than the Seed-round can absorb, you can decide whether you want to move your investment to the third round or just get back the investment. For being part of the Seed-round: First come, first served.
  • Disclaimer
    Tokensale applies under the terms of the following agreement Link

Let's meet in Telegram!

English BKO group (~100 members)

German BKO group (~500 members)

Big thanks to the whole team for assisting us so heavily with the raise!

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